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Social Media Marketing: Fall 2011 Trends and Statistics

VCOMP Support - Wednesday, October 19, 2011
An eMarketer estimate claims that global ad revenues generated on social networks will reach $10 billion in 2013, while this year's projected number is $5.54 billion. It is expected that nearly half that amount, $2.74 billion, will come from the United States. Despite optimistic speculation, there remains a sentiment within the Internet Marketing community that a business’ social media presence is still more important than advertising on social media networks.

2011 Social Network Ad Revenue EstimatesSocial Media Marketing
  • Facebook - $3.8 Billion
  • LinkedIn - $140.8 million
  • Twitter - $139.5 million

A survey conducted in July 2011, by Microsoft Advertising and Advertiser Perceptions, which questioned social media marketers from six countries, found that 74% of respondents considered it ‘very important’ to have a presence on Facebook, while only 57% believed it was equally important to advertise there. The disparity between the two figures was less significant when applied to Twitter, where 47% thought a twitter presence was very important, while only 42% believed it was very important to advertise there.

Some common social media marketer complaints included: difficulty measuring the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing (largely due to a lack of adequate analytics tools) and difficulty in reaching appropriate audiences, as social media fans often do not represent an ideal marketing audience. It is also reported that on average nearly ½ of social media marketer’s budgets are going towards attracting new visitors, while about ⅕ is spent on trying to keep social media users engaged, in an effort to reduce the substantial turnover that exists on social networks.

Contact Us to Develop a Social Media Marketing strategy now! Or for more information on the topic of social media marketing trends, read the full articles, Social Media Presence More Important Than Social Media Ads and Social Network Ad Revenues to Reach $10 Billion Worldwide in 2013.

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